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Our Purpose

We are here to work with you to create a movement for yourself, the team around you and the company where you belong. We are here to help you start your transformative journey, and to help you become the best version of yourself.

We partner with organisations and their leaders to identify, understand and act on the key cultural and leadership differentiators that will propel them ahead of the competition.


Ignite + Amplify + Thrive

Our business is centred around three crucial offerings:


Coaching Leaders and Executives to help them Ignite and
accelerate their peak performance


Providing development programmes within companies to their most critical teams to enable them to become high performing


Partnering with companies to evolve their culture in order to build their unique competitive advantage in their market
We provide international
expertise in:
Executive Coaching
Team Dynamics
Company Culture Transformation
Thought Leadership
Public Speaking


Change starts from within…

Our clients range from globally recognised multinationals to unique start-ups and we know that our clients want time and space to think. We also know the expectations on our clients are high and that giving up valuable time needs a clear ROI. At The Human Perspectives, we excel at the services we offer by keeping it simple, whilst being flexible to the most complex and critical issues.

We provide executive coaching through a series of powerful conversations that enhance and accelerate your interpersonal impact and your contribution to business performance. We help you to notably build the three critical competencies to grow your leadership footprint (Authenticity, Vulnerability and Courage), find your professional purpose, identify your key strengths and clarify your goals. A clear outcome is not only for you to discover your true potential, but to perform at levels you never even considered for yourself before.

A few of the reasons our clients begin their coaching journey include:

To develop greater
executive presence

To develop greater competency in leadership and build strong self-awareness

To enhance emotional

Our executive coaching services are for CEO’s, C-Suite Execs, Founders, Entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be organisational leaders.


Change starts from within…

The complexity and speed of transformation today requires a new generation of business leaders to think very differently to that of their counterparts, even a year ago. A high performance team not only achieves exceptional results, but also amplifies their learning, development and ability to pivot and change. The uncertainties brought about by the global economy, technological developments and ever increasing demands and expectations of stakeholders, clients and customers demand a new set of leadership skills. The work we do with teams within organisations drives the perfect balance between the business goals of the company and the optimum human dynamics amongst the team.

A few of the reasons our clients are investing in their critical teams development include:

Improving leadership team
dynamics, communication and

Scaling up the team’s leadership capabilities to better lead the challenges of a fast-growing and fast-changing organisation

Increasing the impact of these critical teams on the key success factors defined by the organisation

We work across the design and delivery of customised programs in leadership development, talent development, team dynamics, and strategic & visionary people and culture strategies.


Change starts from within…

You may have heard already that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Culture is ALL the behaviours of ALL the people ALL the time. Hence when strategy is designed by a few, it does not stand the power of company culture when these two are not aligned.

Although Company Strategy, Products and Services or even Supply Chain can be copied by your competitors, culture cannot. Culture within a company creates a huge competitive advantage. When companies get it right they not only accelerate performance but do so in a way that makes it hard for competitors to keep up. No matter what your goal, be it to successfully integrate an acquisition or ensure that your culture is optimised to support your strategy and performance, we have years of experience across company culture transformations,

Company culture goes beyond the brand. Company culture goes deeper than the words collected on your mission statement. Company culture is what the people that make up your company live and breathe. Being aware of your actual culture, understanding its positive and hindering impact on your strategy, your employee experience, your customer experience is the starting point of a thriving company culture.

When culture is truly integrated within a company people clearly understand how they contribute to the business every day, and they are more invested and engaged in their work.

A few of the reasons our clients choose to work with us on their culture transformation journey:

Aligning vision, values, goals and
strategy with culture

To improve the financial
sustainability of the business

Build an inspiring leadership

Talent identification and development for an attractive and high performing culture

Talent identification and development for an attractive and high performing culture

Successful integration in merger & acquisition situations, retaining key talent and/or integrating cultures

We partner with you to drive a cultural change that reinforces your company strategy and sets you ahead of the competition in your market.


Laurent Sylvestre

Laurent is an incredibly experienced public speaker hosting and speaking at conferences, facilitating workshops, speaking to Boards, providing Executive Education at business schools, and being an MC at events around the world.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more about how Laurent can help elevate your next event to a whole new level.


The Human Perspectives

Originally from France, Laurent Sylvestre has worked as a people leader across the engineering, manufacturing, concrete and professional services industries.

After 20 years’ experience, notably as a Chief People & Culture Officer and Executive Board Director across the Northern Hemisphere and Asia Pacific, Laurent is now the CEO and Founder of The Human Perspectives. Laurent’s purpose is to help organizations and executive leaders identify, understand and act on the key cultural and leadership differentiators that will take them ahead of the competition. Laurent uses a mix of thought leadership, public speaking, culture & leadership assessments and executive coaching of teams and individuals to make journeys of change effective, impactful and sustainable.



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